Adriatic Temporary Management Club

About us

Adriatic Temporary Management Club has a unique mission to gather, consult, exchange of information and experience and improve the work of interim/temporary managers in region: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

ATMC is institutionaly supported by Senior Management Worldwide (SMW), one of the oldest partnerships in international interim managemenet, founded in 2004, and one of the largest groups of interim management firms, with 18 national partners - from US o Europe, Turkey, India, China and Australia and successful project manages in over 50 countries.

We work closely with Temporary Management & Capital Advisors, one of the leading Italian interim firms, which has been operating on the market for 15 years and with the Italian Chapter of IIM - Institute of Interim Management, the UK association of interim managers and one of the world's largest interim management association. Maurizio Quarta, who plays a preminent role in the three mentioned organizations, will sustain ATMC with an Honorary role.

Our wish is to have in club best interim managers in the region that are able to efficiently address business challenges the companies might have in order to improve their results.

These business challenges may arise for a variety of reasons: due to sudden changes or market crises, the inability to quickly find adequate manager, the lack of specific knowledge that the client needs to improve their results, etc.

All of these challenges have one thing in common : the client needs an efficient and expert help to overcome the current challenge and independently move on. Often, the key to the solution is precisely the engagement of an interim manager who remains in the company temporarily until he reaches the agreed results.

What is Interim Management?

Interim management is the temporary employment / engagement of an experienced manager in order to quickly and efficiently solve various business problems. Usually it is used for a period of several weeks to two years.

Although an interim manager is engaged for a number of reasons, the experience shows that the most common reasons are:

  • Reorganization and restructuring of the company
  • Introducing major business changes
  • New projects to be implemented
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Inability to quickly find adequate manager to fill an open position in the company
  • Transformational leadership
  • Crisis management

Benefits of an interim manager in relation to a permanent employee

Efficiency and simplicity of the arrangement

There is no long-term recruitment/dismissal procedure.

Knowledge and competences

These are highly qualified people (in most cases prequalified for those positions) that bring tremendous experience, skills and knowledge from the first day of work.


There is no long introduction program. Focus and discipline bring rapid and effective results.

Management team development

As a mentor and coach to your management team, interims manager knowledge, skills and experience are transmitted to your team.

Objectivity and openness

There is no burden on internal policies and relationships. He/she's not an employee, he/she's going to tell things they are, not what the client wants to hear.

Cost benefit

Since they are not employees and that most interim managers have their own businesses, the client does not have ordinary employee-related costs (annual leave and other benefits, sick leave, cancellation deadlines, et.). Interim managers usually have a defined price of the day, which depends on the complexity and scope of engagement and is defined directly with the client.

Our team

We are the team of two experts with rich management experience gained in different companies and industries.

Dragan Munjiza


Dragos career is marked by three major managerial experiences in the total duration of 27 years.

Drago was manager in Atlantic Group, today one of the largest regional FMCG production/distribution companies, where he has gone through 11 years of career path from the only key account manager to the Vice President of the Group in charge of sales and distribution and the Vicepresident of NO's subsidiary Montana plus. During this period, the company increased the number of employees over 1000, mostly in its area of responsibility: sales and distribution.

After experiencing "sales person side of business", he spent next 4.5 years as CEO at Konzum, the largest regional food retailer, during which the number of employees increased by more than 8,000, and the company became a profitable regional leader in the food retail industry.

In early 2008, Drago founded its own consulting company, JakovViktor, whose basic specializations are: interim management, coaching, consulting, supervision and lobbying. It specializes in turnaround challenges as well as coaching of founders successors and their fellow managers in medium-sized regional companies but often receives projects from overseas clients (e.g. EELD AS Oslo, Roland Berger UK, Gerson Lehrman Group New York, GeoEnergetics Slovenia) so that in 11 years of existence, the company had more than 40 regional and foreign clients from diverse industries (shopping center, ship design, construction, travel agency, publishing, ICT industry, HORECA distribution, FMCG production, protective clothing, packaging and LED lighting).

Besides Croatian language, Drago is fluent in English, Italian and Slovenian, and has further studied at INSEAD, IEDC Bled and Oxford. He is a permanent columnist of the most influential Croatian business week Lider.

Miro Skalicki


Miro is experienced manager with more than 20 years of proven track record of success in an international environment where he has gained experience in conducting business at the international level. For years he has successfully led international teams and has often been a mentor to young talented colleagues.

He started her career at Shell, where he was Chief Executive Officer of Shell's company in Croatia, and after that he worked for a few years at Shell's office in Milan as a Director for southern Europe; from Portugal to Turkey.

At the end of 2008 he founded his own company Peti kvadrant d.o.o. where he is working as a business advisor and as a regional representative of multinational energy sector companies such as Shell, Nynas and CJR Renewables.

Given his long-standing work in one of the leading multinational companies and his multi-year work as a private entrepreneur, he has a specific experience that combines knowledge of the functioning of large corporations and the challenges of private entrepreneurship.

Our values

Interim managers that are members of our club have different experiences, but few things we have in common:

  • Expereince

    Exchange of experience between our club members helps interim managers in their day to day activities and challenges they face.

  • Industry knowledge

    Our members are professionals from all industry segments. If an interim manager has experience and knowledge from the industry he is engaged in, his efficiency and speed of implementation of the required changes will bring the required result.

  • Life time learning

    The world is rapidly changing from day to day. All our members are aware that they can meet industry /market needs only they are constantly learning and developing themselves.

  • Open and honest approach

    Open and honest cooperation and communication between all our club members is precondition for our success. Without that, we can not be what we are.

  • Reliability

    The deal is a deal. All club members are reliable and reputable persons. Once an interim manager from our club is engaged for a certain task, it is going to be completed with high quality and within agreed time frame.